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PreEmptive offers smart application protection, providing a professional application shielding and hardening solution which can secure applications across technologies. Start protecting today with a Free Trial.

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PreEmptive is the top choice for shielding and hardening your code, empowering clients by providing an easy to use solution with industry leading support to guide you through the implementation process. The solutions have stood the test of time, trusted by Microsoft for over 15 years. Explore The feature set below in a day free trial!

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Key Benefits

PreEmptive protects intellectual property, sensitive data and revenue making your projects safe and secure! PreEmptive products Dotfuscator, JSDefender, DashO and (New) iOS SDK are trusted globally to shield applications at rest and during deployment. 

Simple GUI and CLI obfuscator interface

Adds security and enhances application performance

Implement security in your mobile, desktop and web applications

Trusted Microsoft Partner for over 15 years.

Mitigate common threat vectors and IP loss

Encrypt strings to prevent access to key functions

Runtime Protection to maintain intended functionality

Prevent access to code base & logs to secure apps

Supports iOS, .NET, Android, Java and JavaScript

“The reason I chose to go with Dotfuscator is – since it’s been around for so long, I figured it was my best chance for success. It seems like you folks have the most history with Visual Studio. Comparing [your competitor’s] sheet with your sheet, it seems to me, you had a richer feature set.”

John Curry,
Product Development Specialist 

Bayshore Networks

“JSDefender is able to be quickly integrated into existing build processes without any hassle. The documentation is clear, and the product has a variety of configuration options.”

Spencer Brown,
Product Manager 

/n Software

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From mobile to desktop apps PreEmptive provides professional grade application obfuscation for all popular development framework. Secure your .NET, Android and Javascript apps with PreEmptive obfuscation.